Vikki Campion’s travel records denied again because it could ‘endanger life’

The parliamentary expenses watchdog has denied another Freedom of Information request about Vikki Campion’s staff travel expenses, claiming the information could “endanger life”.

The West Australian sought a breakdown of staff travel for the offices of Senator Matt Canavan and MP Damian Drum, where Ms Campion was employed after she was shifted from the office of former employer and current partner, New England MP Barnaby Joyce’s.

However, the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) has refused to release any details, calming that the release of the information would have the consequence of “endangering the life or physical safety” of the staff involved, or individuals associated.

IPEA’s Petra Gartmann said that while the document by itself may not cause harm, it could be used in combination with other publicly available information. “It may establish a pattern of behaviour or contribute to a complete picture of travel movements which could result in harm,” she said.

In March, IPEA knocked back a similar request from The Leader, because of the “expectation and risk” of the information being “misinterpreted and misrepresented”.