Death Cafe helps to plan end of life care

Reverend Tony Winton
Reverend Tony Winton

It’s the topic no one wants to talk about, but we all have to face, death.

On Tuesday retired Reverend Tony Winter will be hosting a Death Cafe at The Belltower, in the hope that people start planning for the inevitable during Palliative Care Week.

“I just want people to come in and talk about the theme this year, which is What Matters Most,” he said

“Do you want to die at home, or at the hospital, so you want to be resuscitated or not, and then what kind of service do you want - outside, graveside, church or even somewhere else like the racecourse.

“What is on your bucket list, and who do you want to see if you only have a limited time.”

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The crux of the matter is that death is inevitable, and someone has to answer all of these questions and many more, and if it isn’t you then your family will have to face them.

“People need to get a list and write down their plans and wishes for end-of-life care in an Advance Care Plan that your doctor and family have copies of,” Mr Winter said.

“It’s about providing quality life at the end of life. And it is not just for people with terminal illness, we might get hit by a car tomorrow.

“People never like to think about it or use the word death, but we are all facing it.” 

The Death Cafe will be held from 10am on Tuesday at The Belltower cafe.