Letters to the Editor || Budget for everyone || Shane Moran

I welcome the 2018 Turnbull-McCormack government's budget handed down by Treasurer Scott Morrison. It is a small L Liberal budget in its core. It is of benefit to rural Australians. The tax reforms to help blue collar workers particularly those on lower and middle Incomes. Tax cuts stimulate growth and help relieve the cost of living pressures. The funding for rural Infrastructure in roads will remove congestion and get our agricultural produce to our ports and major trading partners safely and efficiently. 

The record investment in education is also welcome, although I do encourage a TAFE co-investment in technical and vocational education to skill up school leavers and help solve a raft of youth unemployment issues in future budget. The government has also made sure there a few more changes to strengthen their stance on multinational corporations to ensure that foreign investors pay their fair share of tax a fairer playing field for both foreign investors and Australian investors to compete on a more equal footing. 

The Government could have also extended a further tax cut skewed to small business instead of going down a big business tax cut avenue. While this voter believes many big businesses do help in the growth of this nation, others do need to pay their fair share of tax. Overall however, this budget is fair, the economy is growing, confidence is growing and debt is being reduced, it is a small L Liberal budget at its core, and it brings home the dinner. I commend and support it's scope. It will benefit so many of us in rural Australia.

Shane Moran,