Carol West scores a hole in one at the Tamworth Golf Club

Carol West usually hits a five iron, maybe a four iron, on the ninth hole par three at the Tamworth Golf Club.

Last Thursday, the golfer – who’s been playing for over 25 years – decided to use a five wood instead while playing her round in the Treloar Cup.

West was hitting “into the gale” and the decision to use a different club turned out to be bang on the money – much like her tee shot.

“I thought I better take a bigger club and I did hit it very well,” West said.

“It rolled onto the green and I thought ‘it’s going near the pin’ and I looked away.

“Then someone said ‘it’s gone in’.”


The playing group went to check.

And there was the ball, in the cup.

West said she was “nonplussed” after pulling off the incredibly feat which also netted her over $15,444.

Each round golfers can opt to put $1 in for a chance to win the jackpot if they hit a hole in one and West had done just that.

“I was just delighted with the hole in one. When the girls I was playing with said it had gone in the hole – I won’t repeat what I said. It wouldn't be printable,” West said.

“I think they were more excited than me. I was nonplussed.”

West said the excitement had kicked in since.

“We went into the clubhouse and I must say, everyone over there was wonderful,” West said.

“I have had a lot of phone calls. It’s absolutely lovely that everyone cares.

“The Tamworth Lady Golfers are a fantastic group and I have to thank them so much for the competition.”

West wasn’t the only winner at the Treloar Cup on May 10.

Simone Puckeridge was named the overall winner of the Treloar Cup 18-hole Stroke Open Amateur Championship with a score of 85.

Armidale’s Amanda Carr was the runner-up (87cb) and Walcha’s Cheryl McDonald (87) came in third.

Elaine Lye (94) was the division two winner while Faye Hodge (103) took out division three.

Walcha’s Simone Sweeney (74) won the handicap event in division one with Lye (71) winning division two and Helen Hill (70) taking out division three.

The pairs event was won by Stephanie King and Judy King.

Along with West, Val Chorlton, Carmel Whitten, Trish Heffernan and Annabelle Abrahamsen won nearest to pins on the day.

In total, 107 players took part in the event.


Treloar Cup – Open Amateur Championship – Jean Derrin Event

Event 1 18 Hole Stroke – Open Amateur Championship

Winner Simone Puckeridge 85

Runner Up Amanda Carr 87 cb Armidale

3rd Cheryl McDonald 87 Walcha

18 Hole Stroke Gross

Division 2 Winner Elaine Lye 94

Runner Up Lynne Hibbard 95

3rd Val Chorlton 96

Division 3 Winner Faye Hodge 103

Runner Up Joan Thomas 106

3rd Ev Parnell 107

18 Hole Stroke – Handicap

Division 1 Winner Simone Sweeney 74 Walcha

Runner Up Tammy Sheridan 75 cb Gunnedah

3rd Jenny Fisher 75 Werris Creek

Division 2 Winner Elaine Lye 71

Runner Up Lynne Hibbard 72

3rd Val Chorlton 73

Division 3 Winner Helen Hill 70

Runner Up Faye Hodge 73 cb

3rd Jan Lenthal 73

Nearest the Pins

Val Chorlton, Carmel Whitten, Carol West (Hole in One), Trish Heffernan, Annabelle Abrahamsen


Stephanie King, Judy King