How many millions does New England make from the mining industry?

The mining industry contributed more than $200 million to the New England economy in the previous financial year, according to the NSW Mineral Council’s annual expenditure survey.

The mining lobby group estimates the industry contributed 3.8 percent of the Gross Regional Product of the New England economy in the 2016-17 financial year.

The $201.5m includes $115.4m in wages for 975 full-time employees, and $86.1m in purchases from 385 local businesses, along with community contributions and payments to local government.

Locally, the mining industry spend $28.5m in the Tamworth Regional LGA during the 2016-17 financial year, including $17m in wages to 146 full-time employees and $11.5m in purchases with 88 local businesses.

In Gunnedah Shire, direct spending totalled $106.3m in 2016-17, including $60.2m in wages to 506 full-time employees and $46.1m in purchases with 164 local businesses.

Mining companies operating in the Narrabri LGA spent $49.4m in 2016-17, including $29.3m in wages to 232 full-time employees and over $20m in purchases with 87 local businesses.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said the survey results cover the end of the previous mining downturn and the start of its current recovery.

“With over $200 million spent by the industry in New England during this period it’s clear that mining is a resilient and consistent contributor to the region’s economy,” Mr Galilee said.