Letters to the Editor || Road safety in the lead up to the school holidays

The more police blitzes, the road toll gets worse. Drivers need to take more responsibility. Motorists need to slow down, then less mistakes will be made. Show courtesy to other drivers, merge slowly and carefully and let semis pass as they have time schedules to meet and need to keep momentum to climb the hills. Do the common sense things to reduce road rage.

The authorities need to change procedures of holding up traffic at accident scenes and law courts requiring roads to be measured long after an accident needs to be streamlined. Better is the American system of videoing accident scenes then roads could be opened much sooner and traffic kept moving.

Why do we need motor vehicles capable of doing 200 k/hr., when speed limits are 110 maximum, except the Northern Territory? It’s time serious consideration is given to the way we do things.

Jay Nauss

Glen Alpin, Qld