Letters to the Editor || Stand up and be counted || Noel Wilson

We were sitting at home minding our business when a group of teenagers came running into our front yard.

One tried to jump the side gates to enter the back yard. I yelled out and they bolted thankfully except one. He was on the roof. Got him off and sent him on his way. 

We put up with his language. Rang the police and told them what had happened and asked them to talk to these youths as we knew where they lived.

Police said that was a waste of time as they would deny it happened. Again asked and the police said so you are not scared of repercussions. We said no. These teens are thugs. This house has been broken into twice as have the homes either side. 

What’s up Tamworth? Are some afraid to follow through because of repercussions?Well I am not and I am almost 63. It’s time to grow a set Tamworth. Keeping quite will not help the cause.

Is this how the police are told to handle things? Well I for one will not accept it.

Noel Wilson,