Letters to the Editor || Reg Brody talks about our city's future

Tamworth Regional Council.
Tamworth Regional Council.

Have noted with interest the comments appearing in  Friday’s Leader, concerning the above matter. 

Don’t think we can blame Barnaby for not getting the recent Armidale AVPMA acquisition to set up in Tamworth.

With the University and research potential of Armidale, Tamworth possibly was not as attractive for this facility. 

We also must not lose sight of the position and effectiveness of the state member of Parliament in Armidale.

However, that on its own, does not answer apparent lack of  practical progress in development/care for our city, perhaps, except for sporting facilities, which seem to have no impediment to their expansion.

I must agree with Michael Mc. regarding the continued travel to Asia by our Mayor and associates. 

I would believe that if the Chinese business community is GENUINELY considering investment in our area, members of that community would visit and inspect the areas in which investment was being contemplated. 

This would be a far more logical manner in which to assess investment potential, than from some thousands of miles away.

In the case of  lower Fitzroy Street, it would seem to be a complete waste of ratepayers’ money and, possibly will only be visited/inhabited during Country Music Festival, when it will perhaps help to remove entertainers and visitors from Peel Street  business environs. 

I agree with the comments offered in this matter by Phillip Jones.

Now, referring to a lengthy memo from Mark Rodda in Saturday’s NDL, relative to the State and Federal neglect of rural and coastal  areas of our state, his understanding of the current City Centric attitude of Governments, both Federal and State, with the results that they are giving themselves, should be well understood.

There is no doubt that unless you have strong, highly regarded and, influential Parliamentary representation from your region, you will not be considered or counted, as important electorally.

It follows, that when such a representational requirement does not exist, you will be “at the bottom of the barrel” when Government preferential decisions are made.

Finally TRC, when is our CBD going to receive the attention it so sorely needs – I have been seeking this care for the past 4 years - yes FOUR Years.

Reg Brody,