Letters to the Editor || The Westpac rescue chopper winching service is back

The return of the winching services to the Westpac rescue helicopter is indeed a welcome sight, and this will help those in need in rural communities, it a game changer and a life saver.

At a community level the public ought to be congratulated it fought for the retention of the service over a 5 year period it was as rightfully the Northern Daily Leader editorial (Friday April 6th, 2018) suggests "a long time coming".

At a political level I am not going to throw mud here, but rather I congratulate the Nationals state member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson for working patiently with his government counterparts and delivering what will be an ever better service for the future with upgraded Helicopters and Infrastructure. Thank you and well done Kevin.

To balance out my argument and I acknowledge that former independent state member for Tamworth Peter Draper for his support of the service as well, Peter Draper in his 2015 campaign raised the issue that the services rightfully had to be fought for and retained for the community.

Well done to our community and our political leaders on getting what I and many others believe is the right thing to saving lives in Rural NSW. The winching service is a long time coming but will be very beneficial to the community moving forward. 

Shane Moran