New single has hidden message for Scarlet’s Way

UNIQUE: Katie Gabel and Shayne Savic are reaching success as the duo Scarlet's Way. Photo: Supplied
UNIQUE: Katie Gabel and Shayne Savic are reaching success as the duo Scarlet's Way. Photo: Supplied

YOU last saw them at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival, but the dynamic duo that is Scarlet’s Way are going from strength to strength.

Katey Gabel and Shayne Savic have just released Simple Life, it’s the second single from their debut EP, Open Road and follows on from the success of their first single, No Fire No Flames, which achieved number seven on the iTunes country charts.

A soulful country track, Simple Life is a song about the carousel of life – about growing up, measuring success and happiness.  

“It’s been going really well, I’m so happy with how it is being received,” Gabel said.

“It’s exciting to be told that it is something a little bit different and not too many people are doing it.

“It has a really soul American vibe aswell as a bit of country rock.

“We love what we are doing and wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

“Hopefully we can make something of being ourselves and doing it a bit different.”

Gabel described the song as a “personal” one with a special meaning.

“It’s about going through the motions of life and then something comes along that makes you feel really passionate, and you need to make the decision of doing what you know you can do or follow your dreams and take that leap of faith.

“The whole EP is about following a dream, we have both taken a leap of faith.

“There are a lot of different songs and a lot of different meanings.”

The Perth-based duo are also busy making plans to head over to the east coast and are hoping to line up some concerts following their success in Tamworth.

“It was definitely a very busy couple of weeks, along with the radio interviews that followed,” Gabel said.

“We released our very first professional video clip with the amazing Klik Productions for our latest single. It reached 20,000 views in the first week which we were insanely overwhelmed.

“We actually weren’t too sure where we fit in the Country Music scene before TCMF. But along with influences such as Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow, Chris Stapleton and Maren Morris, that edge on Soul/Gospel, we found at TCMF that there are actually quite a few artists pulling from the Americana genre.

“We were so happy that we found a place.”