Tamworth ultra-athlete Warren Wright to walk from Sydney to Melbourne to raise money, awareness for cancer research

WARREN Wright is not one to shy away from a challenge. He’s walked 48 hours straight on a cross trainer, spent 24 hours on a treadmill, and in another gruelling effort, smashed 76 kilometres on a rowing machine, 201 kilometres on a stationary bike, 81 kilometres on a cross trainer and climbed 1720 floors on a powermill all in the space of 24 hours  – and he holds a swag of Guinness World Records to prove it. But the 44-year-old is about to face his biggest challenge yet. 

Mr Wright, a rehab nurse at Tamworth hospital, plans to walk from Sydney Opera House to Melbourne Docklands later this year.

That’s nearly 1000 kilometres over two weeks – or between 60 and 80 kilometres over 12 hours a day.

And it’s all to raise money for cancer research.

“I’m hoping to raise $50,000 for the Cancer Council,” he said.

"My foster mum had breast cancer. 

“So far I’ve raised over $100,000 over the years from my other challenges.”

Mr Wright will have no help along the way. 

He’ll carry all the food, water and supplies he’ll need for at least two weeks.

Mr Wright was also selected to run the Queen’s Baton Relay through Tamworth ahead of the Commonwealth Games.


Mr Wright plans to leave Sydney on May 1, heading south along the Hume Highway “until I finish, and hopefully in time to watch an AFL game”. 

“I’ve got some mates along the way, but I’ll stay in different towns and just find what I can,” he said.

“I’ve got the fitness, but it will still be a challenge.”

Mr Wright has long been a passionate supporter of cancer research. 

Nearly a decade ago, Mr Wright’s mother died of breast cancer, and ever since the ultra-athlete has been doing whatever he can to raise awareness and money for the Cancer Council.

In December last year, he punched out 505 kilometres in 48 hours on a cross-trainer in the name of cancer, raising thousands of dollars, and pocketing his tenth Guinness World Record.

But his latest challenge, walking from Sydney to Melbourne alone, is his most ambitious undertaking yet.

“I’ll just take it one day at a time,” he said.

“I won’t stop until the cancer stops, and until we can find a cure.

“When I get tired, I think, what am I complaining about?

“There’s people way worse off than me.”

Mr Wright is now turning to the community for donations of money and supplies to go towards his self-funded trip to raise awareness about the deadly disease.

To find out more about Mr Wright’s walk or how to donate, visit www.doitforcancer.com.au/fundraisers/WazzasDoitforCancer/Wazza--s-Great-----km-Walk-Sydney-to-Melbourne or phone him directly on 0448 837 340.