Basketball: Aerial game gives Airballers win

We’re back! Basketball has started the 2018 season and, over the long Christmas break, the floors at the Dome were treated to a new shiny coat of polish.

Preparation for the construction of the new court has also started as well as lots of dusty earthworks for the sporting precinct.

Pat on the back to the Sportsdome staff that have the job of keeping the lovely floors so squeaky clean.

We heard first-hand how squeaky the floors are when the Airballers met the Suns on Show Court in the Tuesday night competition.

The gents gave the surfaces a workout as the ball seemed to be in constant motion up and down the court and the extra traction gave extra height to the myriad of leaps in the game.

Jump intercepts were a feature of this game and a beautiful example was when Cody Taylor of the Suns leapt to pluck a ball from the air to send it powering back to his end.

This was thwarted by Corie Morris from the Airballers making his own leap to reverse the mighty throw.

The aerial game kept the scores fairly even at the halfway mark with the Airballers on 16 to the Suns 13 points.

The game’s second half started more slowly on the scoring front, with lots of movement up and down the court but no points to back up the motion.

The drought wasn’t broken until nine minutes into the half with a classic two-pointer by C. Handley of the purple-clad Airballers. Handley dominated scoring in the second half, adding another two hoops to his first half two.

Honourable mentions to Corie Morris, who scored the only purple three-pointer, Luke Wheeldon, who had his own cheer squad, and Richard Williams, who pulled out some impressive ballet moves that only just missed the hoop.

Brad Lane and Bradley Hobson also added to the Airballers’ winning score of 24 points.

The white-uniformed Suns didn’t let the Airballers have it all their own way and some lovely defensive moves kept the opposition score from climbing too fast.

Geoffrey Jones started the Suns’ comeback supported by Cody Taylor and Jayden Taylor, who joined first-half scorers Adrian Speck, Cory Maher and Ryan Baker – who claimed the single three-pointer for the Suns.

A last second attempt by the Suns barely missed the mark, keeping their final score of 19.

Tamworth Basketball Association has the AGM at Wests Friday, March 16 starting at 6.30pm.

All interested members are invited to attend the meeting and all board positions will be declared vacant. Nominations for board positions are due today and application forms are available at the Dome.