Cricket: West Tamworth veteran Shawn Mepham says side succeeds despite not having big-name players

GOOD SHOCK: Shawn Mepham is surprised by Wests' success this season.
GOOD SHOCK: Shawn Mepham is surprised by Wests' success this season.

Wests are not exactly Tamworth cricket’s version of the little engine that could. But ask their veteran Shawn Mepham and he will tell you the side punches above their weight.

On the eve of Wests’ final-round clash against Bective East at Riverside 2 on Saturday and Sunday, Mepham has described the second-placed outfit’s line-up as being devoid of big-name players but effective nonetheless because they work well as a group.

And they played, he added, a fun style of cricket not beholden to the weight of expectation.

With a likely major semi-final against Old Boys awaiting the side next weekend, Mepham is surprised as anyone that Wests are in this position after losing several key players at the end of last season.

“The feeling in the side [at present] is probably as it has been all season, and everyone is just enjoying their cricket,” he said.

He added: “I think that losing some players from last year, we sort of didn’t really have any pressure or expectations this season, other than trying to rebuild and find a few players.”

Wests are coming off a win over South Tamworth and will confront a Bective side who just about need a miracle to make the finals.

Mepham said Wests’ line-up were “pretty close together” ability wise.  “We’ve never had anyone fully stand out,” he said.