Can Tamworth handle a population boom?

THE sprawling of Tamworth’s suburbs will continue with money set aside for Arcadia on the south side of town.

The swelling of the city might be unstoppable, but what growing pains might Tamworth feel as it becomes an even bigger town?

The 320 hectare patch of land could be home to more than 5000 people in years to come, with potential for more than 1600 homes.

By the time the next national head count rolls around, Tamworth’s population will be comfortably more than 60,000.

While council is catering for growth zoning land for residential and industrial developments, you have to wonder how many people will realistically be able to call Tamworth home.

You don’t have to look very far to see how quickly the town dries out.

The dam levels are dropping, the water restrictions are rising and the grass is very crispy underfoot.

It was less than 18 months ago since the city was singing ‘water, water everywhere’ as Chaffey hit capacity since it was expanded.

Will there be enough water for everyone with Tamworth’s current supply situation?

Perhaps this will expedite the prolonged process of expanding Dungowan Dam.

We heard on Friday unemployment in the the New England North West had hit a nine-year low.

ABS labour force regional data showed unemployment hit a low of 5.8 per cent across the region, which is the lowest it has been since March 2009.

Even if those figures are accurate, Tamworth is always crying-out for more workers, particularly in the health sector.

As we may well brace for the city of Tamworth to swell, council has a fight on its hands to stop the shrinkage of flight service at the airport.

This will be a genuine concern for council who often laud the airport as the key to future growth. We have to ask if the city can handle a population boom.


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