It's been a long week for Barnaby Joyce - at least now he can take some time to relax. Or can he?

Barnaby Joyce reclaims the seat of New England in the December 2017 by-election.
Barnaby Joyce reclaims the seat of New England in the December 2017 by-election.

What a rollercoaster ride of a week it has been in Federal politics.

Bet Barnaby Joyce is happy it’s over.

It looks like everything is out in the open when it comes to his marriage, his new relationship with a former staffer and their impending new arrival. But is it? 

It would seem – if national media reports are to be believed – there is even more to this story that is yet to come into view.

For example questions are being asked about Ms Campion’s subsequent employment in Matt Canavan’s office.

Claims she was handed the job because she was in a relationship with the Deputy PM are being vehemently denied – of course.

But the fallout from this remains to be seen.

As for our coverage of the whole affair, it seems we cannot win. That’s not sour grapes – just reality. What’s that old saying: “You can’t please all of the people all of the time”.

We get messages every day from readers (I'd say about 50 per cent) who say; it’s none of our business, that Mr Joyce is right when he says his private affairs, are, and should remain, private. 

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In other words; butt out – mind your own business – those in glass houses and so on. 

Many are not so diplomatic in how they phrase that of course. And that has plenty to do with why we have been so protective of our Facebook account.

We don’t condone foul language. You are more than welcome to have your say, but at least show some courtesy to other readers and respect their opinions.

It’s one thing to get on there and say it like it is – it’s another to be crude and rude about it.

Then of course there’s the other side, as inevitably there is with every story. 

The people who say he’s a man in power – in the second highest  political office of the land – so effectively he does not have a private life, especially if it has spilled over into his work life. That is something Mr Joyce denies by the way.  

As journalists we here in Australia have never subscribed to the American style of reporting these matters and all their gory details.  But we do pride ourselves on delivering the truth.

As a constituency that’s the very least we should expect from our representatives in parliament, regardless of the laws that govern their behaviour on the side.


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