Our say: campaign celebrates the faces of Tamworth

TAMWORTH is celebrating its European bicentenary this September. 

Two hundred years ago, explorer John Oxley became the first white person to discover Tamworth when he camped on and named the Peel River.

It became the first name for Tamworth until it was changed soon after to what we know it as today. 

The city is now gearing up to celebrate the bicentenary of European Tamworth, after Oxley entered into the ancient lands of the Kamilaroi, accompanied by his competent deputy George William Evans with a party of 14, largely convicts, together with 19 pack-horses, on September 2, 1818.

To mark the occasion, The Northern Daily Leader is launching a year-long campaign to celebrate the people who have made this city what it is.

At the heart of any great town or city are the people. 

The #Tamworth200 campaign will tell the stories of what makes the city tick through the eyes and lives of some of the people who have called this place home.

From local Indigenous leaders whose ancestors were the traditional custodians of the land to our very own Tamworth Country Music Festival founder Max Ellis, we want to capture a cross-section of the community.

Many people of all walks of life have made important contributions to the history and culture of Tamworth. 

Some of these contributions have been ground breaking and life changing, others have been the work of quiet achievers or quirky, fascinating characters. 

Perhaps you know of someone who fits the bill. 

Maybe you’re related to one of these people. Share their story with us.

We are looking to profile a Tamworthian every day until formal bicentenary celebrations in September. 

Whether it’s the volunteer down at the local footy club manning the canteen every weekend or our high-profile movers and shakers, we believe everyone has a story to tell. 

We’re putting a call out to the community to help us share stories from the many and varied faces of Tamworth. 

We are an historical city, but a progressive one that homes some 60,000 people, of all nationalities, cultures, ages and religions. 

If you have a story to tell about your ties to Tamworth – or know someone who does – visit The Leader’s website and click on the community tab to find out more. 


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