Know somebody who has helped make Tamworth what it is today? Help us tell their story

The Northern Daily Leader wants to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of explorer John Oxley reaching the Peel River. 

The city is now gearing up to celebrate the bicentenary of European Tamworth, after Oxley entered into the ancient lands of the Kamilaroi, accompanied by his competent deputy George William Evans with a party of 14, largely convicts, together with 19 pack-horses, on September 2, 1818.

Click on the photo to learn more about Tamworth 200.

Click on the photo to learn more about Tamworth 200.

Many people of all walks of life have made important contributions to the history and culture of Tamworth.

Who’s made the list so far?

Some of these contributions have been ground breaking and life changing, others have been the work of quiet achievers or quirky, fascinating characters.

Perhaps you know of someone who fits the bill.

Maybe you’re related to one of these people.

Share their story with us (150 words minimum).

If you’ve got a story to share, write into the form and send a photo. It might be a photo of a person, a diary entry, a map or an artifact. 

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