Ignorance of the law is no excuse - Letter to the Editor

Those committing crimes today seem to have a get out of jail free card, no matter what the crime, those facing our courts are given little more than a slap on the wrist. Why is this so?

We hear the defence of "I didn't understand the Laws of Australia", I have Mental Issues, It was because the woman was wearing a Bikini. This is not acceptable, the victims deserve better, who are those people receiving the 'Slap on the Wrist’ penalties? 

Watching the news on T.V. shown in Victorian gangs of African males appear to be one of those groups using violence with daily reporting. A mother stated that her son committed crimes because they need more money from Centrelink, so we suppose he will cease his crimes if the government issues him with more income. 

How many person's receive income from centrelink and do not commit a single crime, never arrested, a clean sheet. So, stop putting up weak excuses, start by being the parent your son needs to point him on the path of honesty.

The Australian public deserve better, from those we allow into our country and from those who monitor the same people.

We have seen, with our own eyes, the criminal activity committed by thugs, we have heard from their victims, the pain and suffering put onto them by these gangs and thugs. Stop the foolish excuses, stop the crimes against Australians going about their daily lives.

Carmel Metcalf



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