A year in Review: September

September was a busy month in Tamworth and this was reflected in the newspaper.

It was all sport, sport, sport!

As with other months people showed concern with emergency incidents, police movements and other important events.  

The top clicked gallery for the month was an exclusive on the police sting to disrupt ice supply

You also looked at the Bears winning the Rugby League grand final a lot throughout September. Northern Inland Premier League Grand Final photos and Weekend Sport were also popular galleries. 

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You also read a court story about ice dealers and showed concern when a car flipped in a roundabout.

The article about the drug ring smashed during raids ran was well received along with former bull rider facing drug dealing charges

Along the same lines you read the police probe chase after firey crash kills one

You loved the students bringing books to life gallery (what’s not to love?) 

See what most of you were reading in our top 10