Tamworth police urge locals to lock-up after break-ins in Cypress Street, John Street, Duri Road, Susanne Street

File photo.
File photo.

POLICE are urging local residents to remain vigilant and lock-up after a string of break-ins where thieves entered homes through unlocked doors or open windows.

Nine break-and-enters – majority of them in South Tamworth – were reported to police between Sunday and into the early hours of Monday. 

Houses in Bryan, Cypress, Garden, John, Vera and Susanne streets as well as Duri Road were targeted by offenders.

A spokesperson for Oxley police said young children, described as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in appearance, aged between 10 and 17, were disturbed by residents in some of the incidents, and fled empty handed.

Items including wallets, cash and phones were taken from some of the properties, and police said the offenders gained entry in some instances through unsecured windows or doors, left open in the scorching heat.

Anyone with information on the thefts or who saw a group of children acting suspiciously in the early hours of Monday is being urged to contact Tamworth police on 6768 2999.