What you read in The Leader sport 2017: February | Photos

Check out what was making news in the sporting world around Tamworth in February, 2017.


“The meeting saw the competition formally adopt the new Country Rugby League constitution and elect an inaugural board of directors.”

“It’s good news for the club and for the town.”

"Our area run a really good program, it ran really smoothly, lots of shade.”

“We’ve had opportunities the last few years. We just keep stuffing up in the final. We nearly did it again.”

“It’s a concept we could possibly grow into but the first step is looking at our current competitions and the competitiveness of the current competitions.”

“I thought we could have pushed on to 160 and be a bit more comfortable but 120 was still enough to get us in the game.”

“We’ve got a backline that can go against anybody.”

“From what I heard the boys had a blast.”

“The pulsating success follows in the footsteps of the regional final when Farrer overhauled Narrabri’s total with one ball to spare.”

“We had 170 entrants in the Speedo Sprints (for kids 7-11 years of age) and 250 entrants across 1500 events in the Long Course Area Championships.”