Welcome baby Max Henry Mcdonald

Max Henry Mcdonald was born on December 6 at home in Tamworth to parents Samantha Wibberley and Joshua Mcdonald.

Samantha and Joshua with baby Max.

Samantha and Joshua with baby Max.

Samantha described the waterbirth as “beautiful...the best birth, and life, experience I’ve had!” 

Samantha was the instigator of a petition to save the community midwifery program earlier this year.

“At 36 weeks pregnant we were fortunate enough to find a private midwife to take us on,” she said, “after Milli Hill, founder of the Positive Birth Movement, shared the story of our Friends of Tamworth Maternity Services campaign to save our Midwifery Group Practice and my fears and concerns about birthing in our hospital at the Australian Homebirth Conference in November.”