Christmas celebrations around Tamworth

We asked you to send us your most festive photos and you delivered.

Santa photos featured as an important part of people getting ready for Christmas as some take their children to visit the big man in red and make their requests while others went to recreate their childhood photos.

We also have photos of people opening their presents much to their delight and pets having their Christmas photos taken.

While you kick back under the aircon with the Test Match on the television or perhaps you’re gearing up for the start of the Sydney to Hobart, take a look at our festive gallery. 

Santa was kept busy this year making drones and bikes for the little people of the world.

See how different cultures celebrate Christmas differently with this gallery here or if you scroll to the bottom of the story you can read about Santa in another life.

Perhaps you’re a bit over Christmas? Check out this gallery of people from around Tamworth who have tied the knot this year. Know someone who should submit photos? You’ll find a form to fill out there too!