​Troy Cassar-Daley looks forward but gives back to the Tamworth Country Music Festival

Troy Cassar-Daley: showcasing the talents of young artists.
Troy Cassar-Daley: showcasing the talents of young artists.

This year, Troy Cassar-Daley has chosen to give back to the industry that has given him so much by showcasing the talents of emerging artists at his only festival show on January 25.

Troy Cassar-Daley.

Troy Cassar-Daley.

The festival favourite will perform during the concert - titled The Road Ahead - and he's chosen a host of young talent to join him on stage in a career-making opportunity.

"When I first went to Tamworth I was obsessed with the different shows that actually showcased people that we didn't know," Cassar-Daley said.

"It's been a little bit of a build up for 12 months. I've been looking at different artists that have really grabbed me.

"That's been my goal this year for 2017, to showcase some younger artist that people aren't aware of and to put them in front of the audience."

"The first show I saw like that, when I was 13 or 14, it was Brian Young and he had a show at the Capitol Theatre.

"I've always wanted to emulate that show with mine, with guests."

He said that he hoped the show would help give aspiring country artists a shift in the right direction, along with the opportunity and experience to perform in front of big crowds.

"This show in particular, has a real slant on kids and the younger generation of young people that might not be aware that people are about to discover," he said.

"And I want to be one of the people that has at least helped them in that process.

"I got some great opportunities as a young bloke, with artists that championed my cause. 

This year was a cracker for Cassar-Daley who was named Male Artist of the Year and inducted into the coveted Roll of Renown.  He said he was looking forward to seeing the festival as a fan and a punter with no new release or finalist nominations this time around.

"I hope that I can champion a few more from my perspective now I'm one of the older artists."

"After coming off the back of Album of the Year, it's wonderful to have a spell and to write and write with no real project in mind. It's just nice to see where the writing is going to take you and that's exciting," he said.

"It's important to show your face to your friends and for everyone else to know that you still want to push them and barrack for them.

"I love it, I love being able to come back and be a really simple part of Tamworth again as a fan."

The details

  • Troy Cassar-Daley: The Road Ahead, Thursday, January 25, 4pm at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre. Tickets from entertainmentvenues.com.au