Fanny Lumsden’s on a golden roll

Fanny Lumsden: hands of for her new album Real Class Act.

Fanny Lumsden: hands of for her new album Real Class Act.

A wedding, a Golden Guitar award, a new album and record label and clocking 100,000km around the nation.

This is just a snippet of  Fanny Lumsden achievements in the past year.

The duo of Lumsden and her husband, Dan, are gearing up for their show at The Longyard hotel on Thursday, January 25, from 11.30am.

The family friendly show will feature Americana artist Melody Moko and other special guests. The show is the only major gig on the dynamic duo's festival calendar.

"We're pretty amazed, it's been a big year in terms of the kilometres we've done and the people we've met and putting out a record on our own label ," Lumsden said.

"Everything we have done so far has been really community based and we've been in contact with our fans and the people we play for.

"We crowdfunded our record really quickly. We didn't see any sense in putting a body between us and the fans because we already have this fantastic relationship so it seemed to make sense that we put it out on our own label.

"It's been really great, each time someone orders a record, Dan or I are literally putting it in the package and in the post."

Lumsden has been on her Country Halls tour for the last six years where she has stopped at community halls and venues and spread the word about her music.

The new album, Real Class Act, received three 2018 Golden Guitar finalist nominations for Alt Country Album of the year, Female Artist of the Year and Heritage Song of the Year.

It also debuted at number one on the ARIA country charts.

"We hope you can make it to the show and thanks for all your support," she said.

The details

  • Fanny Lumsden, The Longyard Hotel, Thursday, January 25, from 11.30am. Tickets from