Eedi Jennar''s Queen Profile

Name Eedi Jennar

Age 20yrs 

From Tamworth 

Who is your sponsor? Kirinari Community Services 

Why did you enter the quest?

I entered the quest to get to see a whole new side of my beautiful home town, to meet new people and just have an amazing experience and meet the other lovey ladies along the way. I also entered to support my two girls in the quest as-well as I want them to have the most amazing time and help to make their journey fun and exciting. 

What is the most interesting thing about you?

The most interesting thing about me is that I've started travelling the world when I was 15 for pageants and modelling. I have travelled to Mongolia last year and it was such an eye opener it is a gorgeous country and they people were so friendly and kind but it is nothing like our gorgeous country. I love travelling but I love to come home to Tamworth. I have also been to England, Bangkok, Dubai and Beijing. 

Where would you send someone to visit if they were in Tamworth for the first time?

I would recommend that they travel up to the Botanical Gardens as this is a beautiful park to relax in and see some gorgeous scenery, within walking distance they could also go and see the Miniature Railway as they have lovely steam trains that the children and the big kid inside every adult can have a ride on for just $2. From there they can then go around to the Marsupial Park and walk around seeing the animals and play on the new play ground which has got hours of fun for the children, there is also BBQ's and shaded seating areas for the families to have lunch while they are there. It is one of my favourite locations to go in Tamworth its almost like a hidden gem to me.

What's your favourite thing about the Country Music Festival?

I love watching the aspiring artists, buskers and performances down the street as they are all so unique and equally talented. I love walking down Peel St and feeling happy that all these new faces have come to visit our gorgeous little country town.  

Who or what is your favourite band and/or song?

My favourite artist is Toby Keith I have more CD's then I can count I cant pick which songs my favourite as I like every song so much but Should've Been a Cowboy is always the first is close.

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What has been the best thing about the Queen Quest so far?

The best thing has been being able to support my girls and help them through this journey as they are so excited and seeing them happy is the main thing, also meeting all the other  lovely entrants and learning about them. This been one of the highlights as they have all been so kind and friendly.

What would you do if you were crowned queen?

 would feel grateful and humbled that I have been selected to be a representative for this beautiful town and I would strive to be the best Queen I can possibly be. 

What Queen responsibility or perk are you most looking forward to?

I am looking forward to meeting our beautiful town and being able to get to know our community. To be able to listen to our community and hopefully be a helping hand if they want.