Alexdran Kellahan's Queen Profile

Alexandra Kellahan.
Alexandra Kellahan.

Name: Alexandra Kellahan

Age: 23

From: Tamworth

Sponsor: H & L Plastering. My sponsor is a new and locally owned business, developed and owned by two young local Tamworth men. I believe in getting behind new local businesses and helping them expand and grown within our region.

Why did you enter the Queen Quest?

I have a genuine love for Tamworth and the Region, I was born and raised right here and intend to grown old in Tamworth. I have always dreamed of becoming more actively involved within the community and becoming a positive representative of the Region. Therefore, I thought what better way to kick start my civic and community involvement then the Country Music Festival Queen Quest competition, I look forward to my future within the region.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

 have a passion for Textiles and Design, and enjoy creating and sewing clothes for not only myself but others as well. I especially enjoy producing 1950s inspired dresses and outfits.

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Where would you send someone to visit if they were in Tamworth for the first time?

I would recommend visitors to go the Hopscotch Restaurant on Kable Avenue, this venue caters for all to enjoy great food and drinks in a stress-free setting. There is also the Tamworth Regional Playground and water park right next door for the kids to enjoy themselves whilst mum and dad relaxed within the restaurant. Then afterwards a stroll through Bicentennial Park with the family discovering some interesting facts about Tamworth, such as the Legends of Country Music in Bronze.

What’s your favourite thing about the country music festival? 

My favourite aspect of the Tamworth Country Music Festival is the Toyota Star Maker. I am all for chasing your dreams and that is what the Toyota Star Maker does, it gives aspiring country music artists the opportunity to chase their dreams. I believe that if there is something you are passionate about then go for it with all you got, which is why the Toyota Star Maker is so brilliant and it obviously works and is proven by famous artists such as Lee Kernaghan, Keith Urban, Beccy Cole and Fanny Lumsden whom where once winners of the Tamworth Country Music Festival Toyota Star Maker competition.

Giving people opportunities to chase their dreams and develop themselves is so amazing and that is what I love so much about the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Who or what is your favourite band and/or song?

My favourite artist is Kip Moore and his song “Blonde”.

What has been the best thing about the Queen Quest so far?

So far, my favourite aspect of the Queen Quest has been the opportunity to attend the Zonta Clubs International night, Meeting and getting to know a range of amazing women and listening to their stories was such a great experience and one day I hope to become a member of the club and continue to develop as a young woman in Tamworth and inspire others to do so as well.

What would you do if you were crowned Queen?

If I were to be crowned Queen or Princess I promise to represent the Tamworth Region and the Country Music Festival in a positive light and will endeavour to the best of my ability to do my fellow Queen Quest Entrants proud. I will get behind my home town and be involved in as many civic and community related duties as possible.

What Queen responsibility or perk are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to becoming actively involved within the community and attending many diverse events whilst showcasing Tamworth and all it has to offer, including the Country Music Festival.