The Dribbler: West Tamworth beat South Gold 49-24

West Tamworth defeated South Gold 49-24 when the two teams faced off last week.

Both teams have only been playing together since the beginning of the year and are starting to build confidence and combinations.

Both teams are showing the improvement that comes with knowing their teammates’ games.

That knowledge is allowing both teams to respond to situations more instinctively and find their go-to players on the break and around they key.

West were off to an early start when Beau Berg-Williams sunk the first basket of the game followed soon after by Cooper Summers.

Jye Osbourne and Daniel Philip Dino added to the team’s score before a short time-out.

West were struggling a bit but the pep talk from South’s coach Simon Walden, who was standing in for teacher Craig Long, must have been a good one as William Clark scored the first points for the team as soon as they hit the court.

Liam Hanigan backed this up with his two, paving the way for William Clark and Harrison Vermeulen to boost the South’s score. 

West Tamworth didn’t let the opposition have it all their own way when Daniel Philip Dino blitzed South with 18 points before the half-time siren.

George Smallwood joined his teammates in contributing to the team’s 32-12 lead.

The storm last Thursday kept the air still and temperature high at the Dome evoking sympathy for the hot and sweaty players from the hot and sweaty spectators.

The conditions didn’t dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic and vocal South supporters who continued cheering with gusto when William Clark got their scoreboard ticking over in the second half.

Powerhouse scorer for West, Daniel Philip Dino, showed his style with the first and second baskets of the second half before giving Jye Osbourne a crack at the hoop. 

South kept up the pressure on West with their defence but weren’t having much luck sinking baskets.

Leggy William Clark showed some style with a graceful shot as the basket finally  relented and let the ball through.

Harrison Vermeulen joined Clark to score a couple of hoops each to finish with a total of 24 points.

Matthew Gambrill was the stand-in for Jono Willis, teacher/coach of West, and continued Jono’s good work by encouraging communication between players.

The West Tamworth players were heard calling for the ball with a lot of gusto for such compact players.

West had a fantastic game finishing on 49 points to South’s 24, and it will be exciting to watch as the players that continue with basketball hone their skills further.