CountryMinded’s last minute how-to-vote card drama

COUNTRYMINDED has run a strong campaign in the New England by-election, but it hasn't been without its hiccups.

The party had to recall all of its how-to-vote cards after the Australian Election Commission (AEC) declared them invalid following a complain it received.

All campaign promotion material must say who authorised it.

CountryMinded candidate Pete Mailler said the cards had the necessary ‘authorised by...’ on one side of the card, but not the other.

“Apparently it has to have authorised by on both sides of the paper,” he said.

“The funny thing is, the AEC handbook doesn’t say both sides, but it does say that in the legislation, buried in there somewhere.

“Whoever complained knew their stuff.”

While the AEC had decided not to prosecute the party because of the oversight, Mr Mailler said “it’s quite possible another party could”.

“The rules are the rules, so we’re not complaining,” he said.

The party managed to do a last minute printing run, just in time for polling day.

“It’s a funny, expensive and frustrating mistake for a small outfit like us – it was crazy but we got it done.”


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