Letters to the Editor || Hugh Bridge – In my opinion

I’m not from this area but this is a last minute appeal to New England voters NOT to vote for Barnaby Joyce.  In my opinion he is not fit to govern for the following reasons.

In May last year I was one of hundreds of people involved with General Aviation who flew to Tamworth from every state and territory in Australia to meet with Mr Joyce and Darren Chester.  One of our many requests was for Australia to follow New Zealand and other countries in adopting the USA’s flying rules.  The US safety record is better per capita than ours, most of our aircraft were made over there, harmonised laws make flying in different countries easy, and most of all, we wouldn’t have to spend more than the $400 million already wasted writing half-finished special unworkable rules for Australia.  Result from the Tamworth meeting – zero.  Even when it would cost the government nothing and would save Australia’s dying General Aviation industry, he does nothing.

Barnaby’s mob are not good money managers.  They wasted $122 million on a SSM plebiscite when they already knew the answer. 

Barnaby personally wasted, according to Ernst and Young, up to $193 million of taxpayers’ money moving veterinary medicines to Armidale in a pork-barrelling exercise. 

Instead of working towards an orderly transition to cheap clean renewable energy Barnaby is stuck in the past and is dragging the country down with him by mindlessly ignoring the global dangers of coal.  He is also ignoring the great clean sustainable energy export opportunity opened up by recent CSIRO breakthroughs. Think what the CSIRO could have done with the $122 million and the $193 million.

Please vote for anyone other than Barnaby and rid us of this current incompetent government.

Hugh Bridge