Letters to the Editor || Scott Hyams – Failed policies

The LNP and Barnaby Joyce have failed Australia with policies from the 2013 and 2016 Elections.

The first policy in axing the Carbon Tax we were told that the average household would save $550 per year, the saving on  electricity bills in NSW was estimated at $130.

The reality is far different from the spin fed to us by The LNP, according to ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) electricity prices for the average NSW household, have increased 11.1% since the LNP have been in power.

With the axing of the carbon tax, the LNP have foregone $35 BIllion in revenue, instead they have spent  $2 Billion on their Direct Action Plan to limit carbon emissions.

Direct Action has been an abject failure with emissions having increased 6% since 2014 (Department of Environment and Energy).

In summary the LNP Energy Policy has led to higher electricity prices for consumers, increased CO2 emissions, and a cost to the budget of $37 Billion.

The second major platform in 2013 was Stop The Boats, this policy has succeeded with the Government claiming no new arrivals since 2014 but at what cost.

It has been calculated at more than $9.6 billion since 2013, and will be another $5.7 billion over the next four years, according to a study by Save the Children and UNICEF.

The study estimates the cost of keeping around 2000 asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru at $400,000 per person, compared with just $33,000 for those on bridging visas in the Australian community.

Apart from the financial cost we also have the punitive cost, of locking people up who are proven refugees in indefinite detention.

On Manus island since 2014 and under Australia's protection 5 asylum seekers have died on Nauru there have been 3 deaths.

The UN human rights commmitee has condemed Australia for it's mandatory detention policy, saying that it is unlawful and Australia cannot ‘pick and choose’ which international laws it follows.

Now we come to the Debt and Deficit disaster that they are no longer keen to talk about the reason, these so called best economic managers have increased Australia's government debt to record levels.

Labor left  gross debt (the amount upon which interest must be paid) of $277.4 billion. As at November 17th 2017 under the LNP it has increased to $511 Billion — up by $233.6 billion (or 84.20%).(Australian Offfice Financial Management)

The LNP have over the past 4 years continued to run Budget Deficits in direct contradiction of their stated policy.

Fast forward to 2016 and the focus of the LNP has shifted to jobs and growth.

Yet again the reality is far different from the spin put out by the Barnaby Joyce and the LNP.

In the New England/ North West the unemployment rate since the LNP assumed power in 2013, has risen 2.7% with a further 2094 people unemployed,it is now at 8.7%., 3 percentage points higher than the National Rate 5.7%.

The situation is particularly dire for young people with youth jobless rate at 18.4% and underemployment at 23% the highest in 40 years.

Other areas where The Turnbull/Joyce government has failed to deliver include the NBN, Murray Darling Water Policy, Protection of The Great Barrier Reef, Housing Affordability, and Aged Care.

On any metric Mr Joyce and the LNP have failed the people of Australia .

Does he deserve to be re-elected?

If you care for the future of your children and grandchildren the answer is definitely NO.

Scott Hyams