Suns rumble the Thunder

The 4.20pm game on Show Court in the Wednesday secondary schools competition channeled the recent Tamworth weather when the Calrossy Suns defeated the Thunder 12s 47-32. 

Thunder boomed onto the court and lightning fast Hallie Scott scored first points for the game seconds after the start. 

Not to be outdone the Sun came out for Hattie Burke to even the score with her two points immediately after.

Like the weather, possession changed again and again and was equally unpredictable keeping spectators dazed and confused.

Calrossy were able to convert their possession into points a little more readily than their opponents with Brianna Clark seemingly unable to miss.

In between Brianna’s scoring whirlwind Hattie Burke was able to find the basket again and Olivia Barton claimed her own hard-earned points.

Smiles appeared to be part of each team’s uniform as all of the young ladies wore them continuously throughout the game. It was obvious that they were all having fun regardless of the score and the cheer that went up when Maggie Highlands from Thunder scored their second basket produced smiles from the spectators as well.

Thunder 12s are the girls from this season’s U12W Junior Representative team and the experience seemed to help them hold their own against the older team.

Mikayla Hardy added another two to the Thunder’s total before Hallie Scott fronted up again paving the way for Dione McCubbin to score her own basket. This took them to 14 against the Sun’s 24 at the halftime siren.

Both of the teams seemed to appreciate the break as neither team had any substitutes on the bench. 

Brianna Clark from Calrossy didn't waste any time increasing her team’s lead when they took to the court again. Hattie Bourke followed Brianna’s lead adding to the scoreboard.

Thunder 12s didn't let the  Sun's increasing lead cause them to give in and their attempts at goals started to pay off. Dione McCubbin started them off with a two pointer before Katie Sheppard hit the mark with three in a row. 

Their defence reached new heights as they slipped in between their opponents stealing the ball from under the competition’s nose. One of the team had to leave early but this did not deter the remaining players who seemed to become more energised. Dionne McCubbin, Hallie Scott and Mikayla Hardy kept finding the hoop and the girls finished their run on 32 points.

Calrossy’s ladies kept on their upward climb depite their competitor’s defensive effort and Olivia Barton, Olivia O’Donnell and Eliza O’Donnell contributed to the team’s impressive 47 point finish.