Senior United Party of Australia stand SAS commander Warwick Stacey in New England byelection

Warwick Stacey is not what you expect when it comes to a Seniors United Party candidate.

He served as a parachuter in the British Army, a commander in the SAS, can simultaneously interpret German, and is an expert in maritime piracy and resolving kidnaps.

The Seniors United Party of Australia (SUPA) officially endorsed Mr Stacey, a man with “broad, real-life experience”, as its candidate for the New England byelection.

A disillusioned former member of the Liberal Party, Mr Stacey believes the public - and in particular seniors - are very upset with the “shameless self interest, abuse of expense accounts and the brazen sense of entitlement” of politicians.

“I’m increasingly appalled at the way politicians treat us with what I call careless indifference,” Mr Stacey said.

“We have a comprehensive policy on politician’s remuneration, superannuation and expense accounts, as well as other policies which will be released during the campaign.

“This is an opportunity for the people of New England to show their displeasure at the way politics has been conducted in Canberra in recent years.”

Along with serving in the armed forces, Mr Stacey has worked in various companies and established is own business.

SUPA ran a NSW Senate Candidates at last year’s federal election.

About Warwick Stacey

Warwick Stacey was born in Sydney and was brought up in country Victoria, before returning to Sydney with his family when he was 13.

A strong interest in languages took him to Europe at the age of 21. He went for 3 years and stayed for 14. In that time he qualified as a simultaneous interpreter in German.

His interest in a military career led him to join the British Army. After officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst he was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment and later served as a troop commander in 22 SAS.

He resigned his commission in the British Army after eight years of service. On leaving the British Army he worked for a number of years as a freelance security consultant on projects in the Middle East and Asia.

He was engaged by the Australian transport firm TNT as German sales manager, and later as European sales manager for a new business line. During this time he lived and worked in Frankfurt and in Paris. On his return to Australia he established a risk management and security consultancy.

He also joined the Australian Army Reserve  and served a total of nine years.

Over the past year he has written and presented papers on specialist topics for the Australian Army Research Centre.

Between 2000 and 2003 he lived in Hong Kong where he managed a risk management and investigations consultancy.

He has spent the past 17 years working as a crisis management consultant, advising clients on how to resolve kidnap for ransom, extortion, maritime piracy, product extortion and contamination, and related life-threatening crises.

During the 2013 federal election he worked as a full-time, unpaid volunteer for his local Federal MP, and continued to provide support, when available, up until 2015.

His experiences of attempting to engage positively with government and MPs left him with a very jaundiced view of politics and politicians, and led him to join the Seniors United Party of Australia (SUPA).

SUPA has a very strong commitment to reforming politicians' remuneration (including salary, superannuation, and expense accounts), and the way politicians interact with, work for, and are accountable to their electorates.

Warwick also joined Seniors United Party of Australia because in recent years he has seen the seniors in our society coming under increasing financial pressure while governments cut back on age pensions and interfere with superannuation rules in their quest to reduce their irresponsible, self-inflicted budget deficits and debt.

Warwick believes strongly that seniors have already made their contribution to Australia and should be left to enjoy their retirement in peace and financial security.


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