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Barnaby Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce.

I like what can only be assumed as the majority of the Australian public (well at least those who still care about the future of what’s left of our beautiful country), have become not only disgusted but dis-enchanted of the ability of our politicians to govern this country with the utmost integrity and sincerity that should be not only  expected by the community as a whole, but delivered in an efficient and effective manner by our political leaders to utilise the taxed income received to the benefit of the whole of Australia.

Not only is this not happening, we are seeing wastage on public money on a scale that this country has never seen before. A political arena, encompassed with the negativity of an opposition so intent on winning government that they will create whatever mayhem possible at whatever cost to the Australian public for their own political agenda. I have watched Malcolm Turnbull slowly degrade himself more and more to be caught up in the trivial antics of the opposition.

Many of our politicians are caught up in political correctness at the expense of good decision making and good government—The media must accept some responsibility for that (I have seen a massive change over the last few decades with the emphasis on manipulation of words as opposed to promoting the general intent of the comments passed by our politicians)

The recent citizenship debacle fuelled by a political and media frenzy to create news and political gain from what?? Apparently a few politicians like many other Australians are a citizen of another country. Are they not Australian Citizens as well, are they not fit to carry out their elected role. If according to the constitution NO, then the CONSTITUTION NEEDS TO CHANGE.

The cost associated with the high courts, by-elections on this issue and others is costing this country hundreds of millions of dollars. At the same time we have so many important and certainly more needing areas that this money can be better spent.

I don’t need to mention any specific cause or infrastructure or repair, we all have an idea and most importantly so do our political leaders—This is where the focus needs to be.

Barnaby Joyce is one of the few politicians that exhibits true leadership, genuine concern for Australia and our electorate, and is not caught up in political correctness at the expense of the people and country he represents. 

Mike Maher



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