Letters to the Editor || - Bill Forrest - Money to be made

It didn’t take many years for HALLOWEEN to become an essential part of the Australian Commercial calendar. Yes, I know it started in Europe a long time ago, but the way it is “observed” here is American. As anticipated, we have already had a robbery this week by a gang wearing Halloween “masks”.

But why not adopt some of the celebrations of our near neighbours. We are on friendly terms with Japan now. They have a Children’s Day on 5th March, and a Respect for the Aged Day on 17th September. Shops could stock up well for both .

We could adopt China’s Dragon Boat Festival on 18th June, Keepit, and Chaffey Dams would be crowded

Don’t know about Japan’s CULTURE DAY Though. 

I hardly think Halloween could ever qualify for that title.

No sooner did we pass Halloween than the shops began flogging Christmas and as soon as that’s over the shops will hit us with Valentine’s day.

Oh well, I suppose  if there’s money to be made…………      

W.J.Bill Forrest



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