Letters to the Editor: Vision for the future

I have read with interest the “Vision for Tamworth” as propounded by Councillor Glenn Inglis, as it appeared in your paper on Saturday last.

How Refreshing!!

Having been associated with our lovely city since 1957, I must admit it has a special place in my life.

For a long time now I, along with many of our residents, have been concerned about the apparent dereliction of care, as evidenced over the recent years, especially insofar as the lack of respect being displayed for our heritage of almost the last 190 years.

As expressed by Councillor Inglis, the key factor determining the future development/prosperity of our city/region will be based upon LOCAL LEADERSHIP, whether it be at  State, Local Government (Council), business, or community Levels.

Also, I believe that  community members must be prepared to express their feelings, be they positive or negative, in an attempt  to have matters of importance addressed by our local leaders, at all levels, from State, through to Council, Business and, community.

If our nominated/elected leaders are indifferent to the needs of our community, they should be replaced forthwith.

I believe/hope  Councillor Inglis can be assured of support from those within Council (not necessarily all Councillors and staff), business and community members who genuinely care about the future of our city and environs.

Reg Brody, Tamworth