Letters to the editor: Tuesday, October 25, 2017

Ban the bag 

Re the NDL letter from the Shadow Minister for the Environment, “Ban the Bag” does not need governments to pass laws. All it needs is supermarkets to say “we do not hand out single use bags anymore, bring your own”. Aldi did it. Woolworths has said they will do it in 12 months, or something. Why not right now? Why not just bundle all the bags into the green plastic recycle bins out the front, now.

People have been taking their own bags to the supermarket for years. Why pander to those people who never think about the environment, or just say “They’re in the car but I keep forgetting to take them in”.

You can buy reusable bags at the supermarket or accumulate your own. I have some on the back seat of my car and I swear they are breeding.  I think there may be another lot doing the same thing in the hall cupboard. If anyone wants to start a breeding program, I can help them get started.

I think a far bigger problem is the plastic inside the supermarkets, wrapping meat and vegetables. How do you buy mince or green beans without plastic wrapping. This is a much bigger problem that needs solving urgently and maybe this is where governments should be seeking solutions.

I am old enough to remember when the butcher and the greengrocer used newspaper to wrap goods. My mother used to roll up a big bundle of newspapers and tie it with string, and my sister and I had to struggle up a long street to the butcher shop and the butcher gave us threepence.

Probably some sort of paper is the answer, but it needs to be stronger than newspaper for wrapping food scraps and for lining the kitchen tidy bin. Let’s hope someone is out there trying to solve the problem.

Jan Morris

West Tamworth


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