Opinion: New England MP Barnaby Joyce 'Getting on with the job of governing'

What a week. I am overwhelmed by the support New England has offered in my quest on their behalf to continue on in this program of delivery.

Court challenge: Solicitor Mark Grady with New England MP Barnaby Joyce.

Court challenge: Solicitor Mark Grady with New England MP Barnaby Joyce.

The High Court issue has annoyed so many as they see it as unnecessary and an expenditure of funds that could be so better spent in so many other areas. I never wanted this, it was forced on me by malicious fate and others have used this to open wounds and play a very poor game.

The reality is that we probably will not know where this issue rests till the end of this coming week. I hope for the best but prepare for the worst. It is a crazy boarding school, Canberra. It is like going to Farrer only the kids are in the latter years of life and they only see the world as existing in that school. They revel in the salacious at the expense of the people who we should be totally and only, focused on.

I know how angry so many are that we are stuck in this issue that apparently my father being born in New Zealand could send us to a by-election, but that is the law and we deal with it.

All in all, the law has given us such a peaceful nation so we take the parts that we don’t quite understand with the overall picture of a decent people in a decent country with a constitution that has saved us from the intemperance of strife so prevalent in other parts of the world.

I hope we have a line of sight as to where this all ends within a week but that is in the hands of others so much better qualified to deliberate than I could ever hope to do.

So, I will keep working, keep making sure that the only issue that really matters is your issue and we will let the dice fall as they may.

On Monday I helped Mark Grady from Everingham Solomons wheel his old luggage bag full of documents into the High Court. It was surreal, just me and Mark and some other older guy who was waiting at the door of the highest court in the land. This was not only my fate but yours and possibly the country under the current government. What an incredible country we all live in. We are so egalitarian, informal, low key. I hope it always is that way. It is how we have the peace we have got.

Imagine this in any other country. It just would never happen. The Deputy Prime Minister and his old school mate lumping the gear into the highest court in the land. I like how our nation is so different because we are basically decent and so don’t get bogged down in the hype.