Tamworth's Bicentennial Park hosts Gala Day for Dogs

BICENTENNIAL Park played host to the region’s four-legged friends on Sunday as hundreds of hounds stopped in at the Gala Day for Dogs.

Among them was Milly O'Mullane, 7, who decided she’d dress her dog Teddy up as a pineapple for the occasion. 

“We thought she’d look adorable (dressed as a pineapple) and she did,” Milly said.

Shyann Donachiue, 9, took the opportunity to dress her German Shepherd up as the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood to match her outfit. 

“We were just looking on the internet for some costumes,” Shyanna said.

“I love her colour the most.”

Following the dog parade, which was taken out by Ralph the superhero, various workshops and demonstrations gave owners the chance to teach old dogs new tricks.

There was also the opportunity to adopt new dogs. 

Local animal rescuer Jennifer Campbell was there with her new rescue dog Beans, who she adopted from the pound about four weeks ago.

“Her name’s Beans because she’s full of beans,” she said.