Letters to the editor: Wednesday, October 4

Cataract Operation

An an elder citizen I feel so lucky as I have had two very successful cataract pperations and wish to thank Dr David Moore and kindly caring staff of North West Eyes and Tamworth Base Hospital. We are so lucky to have such brilliant and dedicated people who give us such wonderful results.

Diana Patricia Kazanili, Bingara

Labor luckless

The article by Jamieson Murphy, P6 NDL 18/09/2017 “Labor will run, we’ll run to win”.

Labor senator, Sam Dastyari address to the “True believers” in Armidale and Tamworth was indeed an act of pure optimism, in assuming that it they can find locate a Labor M.P. to contest the seat of N.E in the assumption that the sitting M.P. Barnaby Joyce is to be unseated by “the dual citizenship” phenomenon instigated by cheap Labors’ fixation. Dastyari’s quote “For too long this community has been taken for granted. Frankly that needs to come to an end” why? Obviously the constituents are contented with the past and present incumbency!! There is no sincerity in the Labor movement, their main objective is to procure government at any cost. The sedulous agitation & defamation of the coalition government is appealing. The Labor government under the leadership of Shorten have plunged into the murky cauldron of deceit, smugness & presumptuousness. 

Greg Daly, Limbri 

Same-sex marriage

I have three sons, all fine men of whom I am immensely proud. I would like to think that Australian law applied equally to all of them. This is not the case at present given the current marriage law and its definitions.

This is unfair and unjust and as such will not go away as an issue until the law is changed.

I have no issue as to how people develop their moral codes and to which god or gods they pray but I do care when laws discriminate on the basis of human characteristics such as gender, race, and sexual orientation.

It is time to fix this and follow more enlightened countries and develop a fairer and just society. The same law for all Australians is the only acceptable position. Walk in my son’s shoes for a moment. Please vote yes.

Steve May​, Tamworth

By-election issues on table

Yet again New England constituents like myself are looking down the Barrel of a high-profile Nationals v Independent contest in the Electorate, Yet again Barnaby Joyce, The Member for New England, Deputy Prime Minister and Agriculture Minister will face Former Independent Member for New England Tony Windsor. 

As someone who is Economically Conservative I have some policy issues, I would like to see raised in such a by-election. I won't pre-empt who would win in any event, nor will I endorse a Major Candidate in this letter, but genuinely I seek to raise policy issues.

These polices That I would like to see Support from Barnaby Joyce and Tony Windsor are:

1) Deregulate More Slots into and Out of Sydney Airport to and from Rural Centres and Support More Competition to the Major Airlines into The Tamworth-Sydney route, If that means More Businesses such as a Similar Proposal by Regional Express (REX) to fly this route as they had in 2015 Then so be it. If Decentralisation of Government Services and Enterprise is to be done is such a manner that we are actually serious about it than this policy must be put in place. 

2) The Infrastructure Australia threshold on Critical Infrastructure in regards to Pulic-Private Partnerships should be lowered from $100 million to $50 million to encourage further private investment into Critical Rural Roads and Rail Infrastructure so we can move our produce to our ports and in the process see many people in this electorate and Rural Australia in private sector jobs.

3) No return to The Road Saftey Renumeration Tribunal (RSRT) on our Owner Truck Drivers. We need to support of Owner Operater Truckies as they have Small Business to run and this policy adds to their compliance costs of Running their business and employing People to drive the Truck. There cannot be any going back to an ALP Policy. This Tribunal was scrapped but the ALP have not ruled out returning it. New England Owner-Operators do not want it and neither do I as a voter.

4) A Candidate that will support a Small Tax Cut from 32.5 cents to 30 cents in the dollar to the $37,001-$80,000 tax income bracket. Hard-Working People in Rural Australia in this bracket need this to ensure a buffer on electricity prices and other cost of living pressures. 

5) Support Our Agricultural Production Industries. Domestic and Export Agricultural Production makes up the heartland of this electorate, We need to keep the focus on Supporting These Major Industries and ensuring our Exports Remain at an all time high, From Excellent Cattle and Sheep prices at the Saleyards, Wheat Exports and Live Exports to our major Trading partners and The like. 

6) A balanced approach between Coal and Renewable Energy Targets. This is in my opinion important to future job growth and stability in addressing our Energy needs, Both Industries have their place and both are good for jobs in This electorate and Rural Australia. 

I am reminded all the Time Where you stand on a Issue depends on Where you sit. If a by-election occurs we will have the Best two candidates in The Nationals Barnaby Joyce and an Independent in Tony Windsor standing. Choose Carefully, Vote Wisely. Get your Policy Wishlist out. Political Competition in Rural Australia gets results regardless of who wins this tussle. 

Shane Moran,



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