The Dribbler: Kyle Gupton departs in fine style

This week we thought we would check out one of the senior games on Tuesday night and went to Show Court to watch JP’s Jayhawkes defeat Bourkey’s Bandits 81-66.  It was Kyle Gupton’s last game with the Jayhawkes and his last game in Australia before he heads home to the States. We knew it would be a good game, but had no idea just how good.  

Both teams are comprised of a mixture of State League players and a selection of young men who played like the rest of the best that Tamworth has to offer. 

First points went to JP’s team when Brody Blackett-Gregg sunk his basket. This started an absolute blinder of a game for Blackett-Gregg who found the hoop like a magnet when he shot for his two-pointers. His three-pointers didn’t find their way until the second half but he made up for it then. 

Matthew Monckton scored first for the Bandits and also went on a point-scoring bonanza sinking most of his attempts. Monckton dominated the scoring in the first half and featured prominently for the rest of the game.

A couple of the younger players, James Sinclair and Ryland Sainsbury, showed glimpses of great promise. Of course members of the State League, David Bourke and Ricky Ward, gave their all and put their own points on the board.

This game was fast and furious with the gents showing skills honed by years of basketball. The squeak of shoes was constant due to the rapid changes of direction from players on both teams. 

Intercepts happened as if by magic, powerful throws plucked from the air by the opposing team and sent flying in the other direction. Charges towards the basket that would have lesser men quaking in their size 12s were met with unwavering defence.

Fakes that were Trump newsworthy didn’t fool their opponents and all of this was from both teams. What a game!

Jayden Pryer and Rowan Meyers added points to the Jayhawkes win but top scorer, just pipping Blackett-Gregg, was Gupton.

He showed the style that has engaged young and old in his two seasons in Tamworth. His friendly and welcoming personality has made him a favourite among the Aussie Hoops recruits.

The echo of young voices shouting Kyle will be heard around the stadium long after his last game. Gupton would like to come back to complete unfinished business, winning the State League trophy that the team narrowly missed in the final this year.

This depends on sponsorship and if any lucky business puts their hand up to back Gupton he will give his all in their name. Please contact Tamworth Basketball if you wish to take advantage of this unique opportunity.