Jaw-dropping creatures of the deep in Tamworth

Wonderful adventure: Exploring the mysteries of the deep. Picture: Heidrun Lohr.
Wonderful adventure: Exploring the mysteries of the deep. Picture: Heidrun Lohr.

Heading to TRECC on July 21 and 22 is the prequel to Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo – Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium.

Prehistoric Aquarium.

Prehistoric Aquarium.

This child-friendly, interactive and educational theatre experience will have audiences of all ages enthralled and entertained.

The production is filled with jaw-dropping moments as giant, glowing creatures appear out of the dark depths of the ocean. These giant puppets are flawlessly constructed and operated manually taking you into a world of earth’s earliest watery inhabitants. 

Erth’s prehistoric creatures are unmistakably “alive” and mostly friendly, in this fun, educational and unique performance that will delight all audiences.

Book now to dive in to the historical depths of the ocean and unlock some of nature’s greatest mysteries.

What does a plesiosaur’s skin feel like? How big are a kronosaurus’ teeth? And do kimberella even wear shoes? Erth’s skilled handlers will be able to answer all these questions and more in this once-in-a-lifetime theatre experience at Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium.

You can catch Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium on July 21 at 6pm and July 22 at 10am and 1pm at TRECC.  Recommended for children ages 5+ and their adults.

Heading to Capitol Theatre on July 18 at 8pm is a masterful comedy drama written by Stephen Sachs and directed by Lucy Freeman.

Played by two of the most-loved and awarded Australian actors, John Wood and Julie Nihill, Bakersfield Mist tells the story of Maude (Julie Nihill), an out-of-work bar tender living in a run-down trailer park and Lionel (John Wood), a high-brow New York art critic who has flown to Bakersfield, California to see if the $3 spattered canvas picked up at a local junk shop is really a Jackson Pollock!

The painting is the catalyst for their meeting, but far more is unearthed as this fractious but comedic crusade of class and perception takes over the stage.

Audiences will certainly enjoy every moment of this extremely clever piece which will spark much debate on the questionable art of valuing art itself and the subject of class and who and why validation is a necessity.

Don’t miss John Wood and Julie Nihill live at Capitol Theatre.

There are still tickets available for both shows, so to book your seats visit entertainmentvenues.com.au or by call 6766 2028, or visit the box office at Capitol Theatre and The Big Golden Guitar.