David and Goliath Tamworth basketball battle

Last Thursday saw the David and Goliath-esque battle between the bottom of the ladder South Tamworth Public School and the top of the ladder St Edwards Primary School.

The Souths Green team started on the back foot when they had only four of their team available to take the court.

St Edwards Pumas weren’t happy with the extra advantage and allowed one of their teammates, No 110 Mia Darcy, to don a green bib and join the underdogs for the game.

It was no surprise that the Pumas took the points lead early in the match, but what was a surprise was that the Greens made it clear that they would not be going down in this battle without a fight.

The plucky team who only joined the competition this season gave their best and made some nice breaks, allowing the ball to spend an acceptable amount of time in their half.

While some of the girls have played basketball before, this is the first time that they have played together. Their coach and teacher, Miss Walmsley, is proud of the obvious improvement that the team has made this season.

The Souths Green team are also the smallest team in the competition, with only five players.

No 85 Georgia Sheppard from St Eds put first points on the board and backed up with another two shortly after and yet another two later on.

Not to be outdone, No 72 Erin Hansen was able to add six points of her own and No. 71 Lilly Bruyn rounded off the first half to take St Edwards Primary School’s score to 16 against Souths’ nil score.

The St Eds Pumas have been together as a team in one form or another for the last few years and it shows in their silent communication and knowledge of their teammate’s strengths.

Most of the girls started in Aussie Hoops, formerly Mini Bolts, which accommodates Kindergarten to Year 2 and some are members of the Under 14 Representative side.

They are even coached by Thunderbolts VP Jason Darcy, although Lily Darcy filled in for Dad this game.

The second half started well for Souths with No 10 Georgia Smith starting their scoring with a two pointer.

The change of ends must have suited the team as No 9 Zita Betts, No 2 Davina Cameron and No 13 Kayla Hunt all contributed points this half, finishing with 10 points on the board for the Greens.

They were ably assisted by the Puma’s No 85 Georgia Sheppard who donned the bib and took a turn on the opposing team.

St Edwards Primary School didn’t let Souths have it all their own way, and added 12 points of their own.

The game ended 28-10.