Letter | Dangerous footpaths and pedestrian crossings in Peel St

I think it about time - Tamworth Regional Council - admitted to a very serious error they have made in the beautification of Peel St.

The paved footpaths look great but are dangerous in wet  weather.

The tiled footpaths and the pedestrian crossings are very slippery to walk on in wet weather, particularly when wearing thongs or rubber soul shoes.

I have watched people slipping and sliding while trying to negotiate the slippery wet tiles and pedestrian crossings.

What finally prompted me to write this letter about this situation is that a friend of mine had an accident on a pedestrian crossing in Peel St. while riding her motor scooter in the wet.

The motor scooter slipped on the wet surface of the crossing and she had a nasty fall luckily with only minor injuries.

This could have been a fatal accident if the vehicle behind her and an oncoming vehicle had failed to stop in time.

I know - Tamworth Regional Council - are aware of this situation, so why haven't they done something to rectify the problem. 

Are they waiting to see if somebody is seriously injured or worse still die as a result of slipping by foot or vehicle on the wet footpaths or pedestrian crossings?

Are they blindly going to make the same mistake in the beautification of Fitzroy St?  

Therese Nicol



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