Route 33 release Meet Me At The Water

NEW RELEASE: Meet me at the Water is Jock Barnes and Trent McArdle's latest single as Route 33.
NEW RELEASE: Meet me at the Water is Jock Barnes and Trent McArdle's latest single as Route 33.

ROUTE 33 have been travelling in uncharted waters.

The duo, of Jock Barnes and Trent McArdle, have released their second single from debut album The Switch signalling a shift from life as a cover band to now creating their own original material.

They’ve just released Meet Me At the Water, with a story line about the temptations people are faced with within their lives, including love and lust.

It follows on from their debut single Last First Kiss.

The concept of the song first began with the hook, ‘meet me at the water’ that was stuck in Barnes’ head, and the new track developed from there.

“I was sitting at home having a strum on the guitar and that’s where the little hook originated from and we built it from there,” Barnes told The Leader

“My room mate popped in to the room, and I told him to get away and let me finish this, I’m on a roll.”

Barnes said songwriting is a talent that is continuing to evolve for he and McArdle who have been honing in on different techniques and ideas to help them improve.

“You always jot down ideas and things,” he said.

“Throughout the day I’d think of different things and I’ll type notes in my phone or little ideas that come up.

“That’s what happened with Meet Me at the Water.”

The new single has garnered plenty of radio play which the duo says they are overwhelmed by.

“Last first kiss had a bit of a polished vibe, but Meet Me At The Water has more of a rocky sound coming through,” Barnes said.

“We’ve had a bit of radio attention and they’ve been giving it a bit of a run.” 

The video for Meet Me At The Water was filmed at Coolum Beach, Queensland on the same weekend as the Last First Kiss film clip.  

"The very talented cinematographer, Josh Favaloro, once again made us feel very comfortable when producing this clip.  Especially for myself who had the nerve racking experience of acting for the first time on camera,” Barnes said.

Barnes said original music was new territory for Route 33 but he believed they were going in the right direction.

He hinted new material was on the way.

“It’s been going great guns,” he said.

“From the single and the album release, it’s all been a world-wind thing for us, it’s all new.

“We’ve done the cover scene for 19 years now and it’s good to have a go at this and see that people are liking it. 

“We’re actually now in discussions with the producers for our next album so hopefully in June or July we can release the next single off this one and then towards the end of the year it will be all hands on deck (for the next.)

“We haven’t stopped writing and are just going to keep charging through, we’ve got the itch now and we want to keep going.”  


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