Tamworth residents will benefit from the NDIS, says Challenge Community Services.

THE National Disability Insurance Scheme will benefit Tamworth residents in the long run, but there’ll be hurdles along the way, a disability provider has said.

Ten months on from the July 1 rollout of the NDIS, Challenge Community Services has successfully transitioned 161 Tamworth participants to the program.

Deputy CEO Stephen Doley said adequate funding and speed of the transition were major hurdles the disability provider had to overcome, but he hopes it is smooth sailing from here on in.

Stephen Doley

Stephen Doley

“The NDIS has had it challenges,” Mr Doley said.

“Navigating the scheme for people with a disability and service providers has been difficult on occasions.

“We have had really positive experiences for people and others have struggled in getting adequate funding and supports within their plan.

“On a few occasions we have had to send plans back and work with the agency to ensure people get the supports they require. This causes frustrations for all involved.”

Mr Doley said Challenge welcomed a review underway into pricing for the insurance plans and were waiting for the outcome.

“When implemented well and the process is completed correctly we have seen some fantastic examples of people receiving funding for their needs and we have been able to facilitate outcomes for these people.

“We have seen a significant increase in people wanting to come to Challenge and have us help them navigate the scheme.

“We would welcome anyone to make contact with us and have one of our NDIS experts work with them.”