Letters to the editor: Saturday, April 22

Paul Brooks, Father Tom Shanahan and Margaret Tarbert plant a Lone Pine tree. Photo: Peter Hardin
Paul Brooks, Father Tom Shanahan and Margaret Tarbert plant a Lone Pine tree. Photo: Peter Hardin


Reference was made in the Web Words column in The Leader. Tim Diamond, of Curry, was quite correct to draw attention to its presence regarding the site of a Lone Pine tree in a park in Tamworth. There is such a tree in a small park at the interdsection of Blight North streets.

This tree was planted, as a seedling from the original tree at Gallipoli, by an important, invited visitor from England who was currently the World president of Rotary International. 

The function was preceded by a Civic Reception followed by a luncheon attended by many visitors and guests from both Tamworth and Eastern NSW under the auspices of the RSL and Rotary. The date was December 11, 1973.

I am proud to say that, as the president of the ROtary Club of Tamworth at that time, I was present at the actual planting of the seedling. I dorve past it recently and admired the prominence of this 40-year-old memorial in Tamworth. 

Alec Noble OAM, Past president Rotary Club of Tamworth


In 1791 my first ancestor Samuel then aged 17 years arrived in Australia (without choice). By the grace of almighty God (words written later in his will), he survived the hardships of the long sea voyage from the land of his birth, England. 

Samuel had lost all his material possessions but never lost his faith which has been passed on from generation to generation. I question will the time come in Australia when the words written by Isaac Watts (1674-1748) will be banned by those who want to destroy the Christian faith all over the world?

Judith Law, Gunnedah 


The enduring ANZAC legacy and the ideal of mateship are more important than ever before.

Mateship is an integral part of the Australian identity. It’s an ideal that defines our nation’s character – this idea of looking out for each other, through the good times and the bad.

The Salvos have served alongside Australian troops in both World Wars and has supported them on deployments in Korea and Vietnam. Today, we are present in military bases across the country.

We’ve been there providing support to our troops in their times of need – giving them a hand up and a listening ear in their darkest times. We recognise the power of mateship and why it’s a vital part of the Australian spirit.

Whether a simple act of kindness or helping someone rebuild after tragedy – mateship is the common thread that unites us and something that will always endure.

As we enter these uncertain times, I encourage all Australians to reflect on the ANZAC spirit and the strength and hope it brings, and remember why mateship is an ideal still worth fighting for.

Lt Colonel Kelvin Pethybridge, Chief Secretary in Charge, Salvation Army

Dates set for 2018 events in Uralla

Uralla Arts and Seasons of New England would like to let our patrons know that to avoid any confusion or mix ups with dates we have fixed a date for the 2018 Uralla Lantern Parade and Seasons of New England - Producers, Makers and Creators Expo. The date for both events will be Saturday, March 24, 2018. In past years there have been unfortunate clashes of date which we endeavour to avoid. 

Both events enjoyed record breaking audiences this year and for that we would like to thank all those who came along. 

Uralla Arts have been committed to holding the Lantern Parade on Earth Hour night apart from when this falls on Easter Saturday, which it does in 2018. 

Andrew Parker

President, Uralla Arts


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