Oxley High School, Tamworth Public School the region's largest schools

SOME Tamworth schools are bursting at the seams, while others are struggling to attract students – new figures show.

The latest Department of Education school census figures have painted a picture of how full some of the district’s public schools really are.

The data obtained by The Leader ​has shown two Tamworth Schools are edging closer to 1000 students.

Oxley High School’s census figures have revealed 960 students were enrolled at the school for the 2017 school year, however the figures are down from 976 students in 2013.

Tamworth Public School’s enrolment numbers have increased by 18 per cent from 770 in 2013 to 910 this school year.

Not far behind is Tamworth South Public School with 673 students, however enrolment numbers have decreased by about 11 per cent since 2013.

Tamworth West Public School’s student numbers have jumped by 47 per cent over the last four years while enrolments at Peel High School are up by almost 20 per cent.

Smaller schools in the area are struggling to hold onto student numbers with Tambar Springs primary listed as having three students, down from nine in 2013.

Dungowan Public School’s student numbers are at 14, down 64 per cent from 2013.

Somerton Public School, which has 16 students this year, has grown from 12 students in 2013.

While school numbers have decreased significantly at some schools and increased in others, a Department of Education spokesman said it continues to monitor enrollment trends over the course of the year.

“The Department of Education publishes enrollments recorded at the February census annually,” he said.

“This data assists the Department in the provision of resources.

“As the number of school-aged children grows in a particular area, the Department increases the resources available at schools accordingly. 

“The Department also consults with authorities, including local government to facilitate planning for future growth.”