Curlewis earthquake Friday afternoon

A screen shot of the earthquake incident.
A screen shot of the earthquake incident.

A 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck Curlewis early this afternoon.

The quake occurred at 1.09pm local time according to Geoscience Australia Earthquakes which predicted little damage from the tremor.

“Estimated damage and felt radius cannot be calculated for this earthquake because the magnitude is less than 3.0,” the Curlewis incident reads.

Geoscience Australia recording stations at Armidale and the Central Coast detected the quake.

Curlewis’ Commercial Hotel publican Peter Louis laughed off the idea the ground moved beneath him.

“If we’ve had an earthquake here, we certainly didn’t feel it,” Mr Louis said.

“We get more rattles from trains going past.”

Data shows just four earthquakes were detected Australia-wide the last seven days –  including two minor tremors in southern NSW. But the Curlewis quake is among the strongest and second only to the 2.8 magnitude tremor in remote Western Australia.