Same Sex marriage debate

Oh, Magoo Watson, you’ve done it again.  (Bruce Watson, Letters 17/3/17) You just can’t see, can you, but it is impossible to for me to see where you are coming from with your very unchristian prejudice against certain members of our community.

Your letter indicates all the woes of the world stem from the introduction of “no fault divorce” laws. Would you prefer that people had to go back to the indignities and stress of the old system?  Many people have divorced over generations, and some kids have suffered, but they may still have suffered if their parents had stayed together. Other divorced parents do a good job in providing stability and love to their children. And to cite this as your argument against same sex marriage doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

You say the song “Love and marriage go together like  horse and carriage” is not enough when we consider marriage “in all its requirements”. What does that mean? What all people require in life is recognition that they are equal, respected and loved. Throw in the fact they they have the same rights as everyone else and we can all be singing from the same song sheet.  It’s all about harmony, Bruce.

Jan Morris

West Tamworth